Whilst away on holiday, we bought a book on CATS, as we were complete cat novices.  Whilst browsing through the book we came across the ‘Ragdoll’ breed.  Never having thought about a pedigree cat before and mistakenly thinking that all cats would be very alike in nature.  We read on and found that the Ragdoll had a laid back temperament, gentle nature and liked to have companionship.  Casting an eye over the photograph, they also looked fabulous.  Our first encounter, was to visit a local cat show to see a Ragdoll in the fur.  Further research led us to The British Ragdoll Cat Club website.  Where breeders were contacted and their advice gained and further information sought regarding the nature of a Ragdoll cat / kitten and what to expect.  The advice we received was most helpful.Nora With Toy


We made the decision to have a Ragdoll kitten to join us. Our search then began to find a breeder who had what we were looking for.  Further enquiries led us to a breeder in Oldham, Julie Haworth of Dizzipaws Ragdolls.  Who at that time had had her very first litter of three Ragdoll kittens.  We went for a visit and were captivated by the size and majestic nature of Julies grown up Ragdolls.  I liked the little girl kitten and my husband (who didn't really want a cat at all!) preferred one of the boy kittens.  As they periodically would need to stay in a cattery it would be better for them to have each other.  So ‘in for a penny, in for a pound,’ we had them both!  Neo (a blue colourpoint, pictured above ) Neo has grown into a very big boy yet a complete softy, a real teddy bear.


Trinity (a blue bi- colour pictured here on the right is my best friend.  She prefers her homely comforts.  She likes to be with a family member rather than another cat (as she considers herself part human) and has a pur like a generator. They both came to live with us in the September 2003 at the age of 19 weeks old.  As they say, life hasn’t been the same since.

We took the introduction of the kittens to Nora slowly over a period of two weeks.  To begin with Trinity hated Nora and hissed and growled.  Neo was less vocal more bewildered.  Nora was more curious than anything else.  Soon afterwards they looked a picture together.  Trinity loves Nora and daily tries to rub faces with her.  Neo often lies with Nora even in her basket.  Now he has grown we have to remove him to make room for Nora.

Nora & Neo 01

                                                Neo above (Whilst still a kitten) with Nora
Eleven years on (from when Neo and Trin joined us) we have progressed from Ragdoll pet owners to the showing some of our ragdolls on the  show bench and now are Registered Breeders with the British Ragdoll Cat Club.  We finally heard the patter of tiny paws in June 2008 when Devine & Phabeo had their first litter, two tabby girls.  Caroline & Gracie captivated our attention from birth and each day since.  They both found super loving homes. We now no longer breed tabby ragdolls and concentrate on fully Traceable Traditional ragdoll cats. We have created a page called Paw Printz showing updates of our kittens and new owners stories.