Eiserblew Belle De Jour 66w
                Della's Aramis & Leasowes Amazing Grace 
   Now Neutered 
Hannah is a perfectly marked Seal Mitted girl from 100% Old English lines. Her great Grandfather is Blossom-Time  
Romeo, one of the first 12 Ragdolls imported into the UK. She has an exceptional temperament, that perfectly match her good looks! She has a very cheeky character, and knows how to get what she wants! A Princess in every way.
Hannah produces kittens with a fabulour 'look' that we adore and appreciate. We look forward to working with and helping to preserve the Traditional lines. 
Hannah's show achievements can be viewed on Showdays

Ardendolls Endeavour 66w Now Neutered  
Tufytoes Limited Edition & Ch. Eiserblew Belle De Jour

We are very proud to introduce Evie, a very special daughter of Hannah & Darcey, our thanks go to Barry Smith for allowing these two to come together.  This mating was carefully planned, and we were so pleased with all the kittens in the litter, but somehow Evie worked her way into our hearts, and simply had to stay!
Evie has a 100% Old English pedigree, with two Blossom-Time Great Great Grandparents. She has Raggedy-Ann cats in the 6th generation of her pedigree, and Josephine appears on the 9th generation. The Old English lines are becoming increasingly rare, so it is wonderful to be able to help to continue these lines along with their stunning looks and temperament.

Evie has been genetically tested clear for PKD and the known Ragdoll HCM gene. 

Evie has produced stunning kittens which have included, Ardendolls Atlantis & Ardendolls Kensington Rose who remain with us. Ardendolls Lady Legacy is in the very safe hands of Candice Prowting of Eiserblew Ragdolls. They are all 100% Old English. 

Ardendolls Atlantis 66
Happytyme Okidoki- Bt & Ardendolls Endeavour  Now Neutered 

Ella is a 100% old English seal colourpoint female. She has a very affectionate personality, very much like her father. Ella enjoys a fuss and to cuddle up on a lap in the evening. A very sweet girl.
Ella had her first litter of 2 kittens in July 2015. Both girls have been neutered and Ardendolls Odyssey remains with us. 

ardendolls atlantis

fullsizerender (4)Ardendolls Discovery 66w now neutered
Happytyme Okidoki-Bt & Ardendolls Endeavour

Mitz as she is affectionately called is a 100% old English seal mitted female youngster with a delightful nose blaze. We were not intending to keep anything from this mating as we already have Atlantis (Ella) however her stunning looks stole our hearts. 
Mitz's best friend is Rose. They can be found curled up togetehr in between a game of chase throughout the house. 

Ardendolls Kensington Rose 66 31
Ragamews Louis of Chesawood & Ardendolls Endeavour

Rose is a 100% old English seal bicolour. This mating was specially planned and a lovely litter they all were.
Rose has a long body and good length in her legs and tail. She has a sweet nature and still very much enjoys to play kitten like games with her partner in crime Mitz. 

Rose now lives with Candice Prowting at Eiserblew Ragdolls. 


Leasowes My Love 66w Now Neutered
Ragaamour Lord Horatio & Leasowes Missie Luckie

Dotty has an adorable nature. She loves everyone & everything, she is a pleasure to have around. With her gentle, responsive temperment & fabulous eye colour. She was a very dedicated mum to her first litter of one, her beautiful daughter Doris in June 2011 and we look forward to her next litter of stunning kittens.

Dotty boasts a fantastic Traditional fully traceable pedigree, with just three generations between her and Petil-Lu Ragdolls, and Raggedy Ann Ragdolls featuring in the 7th generation. Her pedigree is from Old English lines, with the exception of her Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Valyofdolls Harris, who was the sire of Villaroyal Blue Mist, imported into the UK in the ‘90’s. Dottys pedigree boasts many of the well-known prefixes from the early days of breeding in the UK. She is a fantastic asset to our Traditional breeding programme. Our thanks go to Barry Smith for entrusting us with this delightful and entertaining girl. 

Dotty 16/05/2012
Ardendolls My Angel66aw Now Neutered
Scoville Tommy Tucker & Leasowes My Love

We had been hoping to have the perfect girl from Pablo, and what a gift he gave us. She has an adorable and cheeky personality, a combination of both her parents. She is a stunning bundle of fun, with a very sweet nature, fabulous eye colour and the hint of a white tail tip. We were sadly never able to repeat this mating. 

Doris has a lovely Traditional pedigree. She is 92% Old English lines, with the remaining 8% being fully traceable, traditional lines. There are two cats in her pedigree that are responsible for the Traditional input – Catastrophe Lilac Princess and Valyofdolls Harris, the sire of the imported boy Villaroyal Blue Mist. Again, you will find Blossom-Time cats on the 5th generation, Raggedy Ann cats in the 7th generation, and Josephine on the 9th generation of her pedigree.

At the age of 4, Doris has had her first and will be last litter of two kittens. News of any availablilities for pet will be posted at a later date.