We have now stopped hobby breeding. 

Happytyme Okidoki-Bt 66aw 28/10/11
Happytyme Roulette & Happytyme Onawish


Oki Doki 2012
We are very pleased to introduce Okidoki who joined us in summer 2012. Oki is a mismarked blue mitted with a nose blaze. He is a very affectionate chap who loves both fusses & food in equal measure!  

He has a 100% Old English pedigree, with Blossom-Time cats featuring in the 5thgeneration of his pedigree. You will also find Raggedy-Ann cats in the 7th generation, and Josephine in the 9th. His pedigree is very special to us, and totally different from the pedigrees of our girls, meaning that the offspring that he will produce will have a 0% inbreeding coefficient over 5 generations. His pedigree bears many prefixes that are well known across the globe, including Azzedine and Trendipuss. These lines are rare in the UK, especially in 100% Old English cats, so we are especially proud to have him here with us.

Okidoki sired his first litter of three beautifully kittens in 2013. We are incredibly pleased with them. His second litter of four kittens were born in 2015. Which included two with fabulous nose blazes.  

Okidoki is at closed private stud.
Both our stud boys have Old English/Traditional Fully Traceable pedigree lines back to foundation


Pablo is now neutered & retired

Scoville Tommy Tucker66a
Della's Tyson & Trendipuss Blue Angel

Pablo is a gorgeous blue colourpoint, with charm and manners to match his beauty. We have admired him from a far for many years now, and were overjoyed when his previous owner asked if we’d like him to join our family. He has settled in immediately.  You’d be forgiven for thinking he had been here forever.

His pedigree still shows a great number of the original imports, together with the prefixes of the early breeders in the U.K. He is predominately Old English with one Old American line coming in by way of his Great Grandmother, Catastrophe Jasmine.
He has Blossom-Time ragdolls in his 4thgeneration of his pedigree and Josephine is only 8 generations away. 
We were very proud and extremely pleased with Pablo's first kittens with us born in 2011. All boast good bone, fabulous eye colour and very loving temperments. We are very excited by the prospects he brings to our breeding programme.